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Woodland Trails Greenhouse Mums
Woodland Trails Greenhouse, founded by Samuel Gill Jr., is your sanctuary for any gardening needs.  Woodland Trails Greenhouse came into being in 1999 when Samuel Gill Jr. started growing products at his home with the intention to sell as a wholesaler to area stores. Although this endeavor did not work out exactly as planned, Samuel received encouragement from an area greenhouse to not give up on his dreams. This advice motivated Samuel to start selling his products directly to consumers from his home and area businesses.  Finally, in 2014, the Woodland Trails Greenhouse, as we now know it, was established.

Samuel and his grandson, Devin, among others, oversee the current day to day functions of the greenhouse striving to provide education to all visitors on how to succeed and help their garden plants thrive. Woodland Trails Greenhouse can grow everything from garden plants to bonsai trees, succulents, and everything in between! As a sort of animal haven, as well, Woodland Trails Greenhouse practices respect for nature and cultivates this respect in all visitors.

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Summer: 9am - 6pm
Spring & Fall: Hours May Vary

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